Career Coaching

I believe that our work and careers are an authentic part of who we are as whole human beings, and that our greatest successes come from being fully ourselves in all parts of our lives.  You, being you.

I work with people who are looking to make positive powerful changes in their lives.  We work in partnership together to identify the changes you want to make and provide a safe place to obtain clarity and direction.  You’re the expert on you – I’m here to challenge you, encourage you, be playful, and ask the big questions that get you thinking.  In all of this you’ll be building your self-awareness and courage.

Career Change

I know that going through career change, whether as a result of redundancy, relocation, changes in circumstances or our own choice, can be really scary and challenging.  I use the fantastic Careershifters & Firework methodologies to help career changers to open themselves up to what’s really possible for them (clue: it might not be what you immediately think of) and to test those ideas without the pressure of committing to a big leap.

If you’d like to find out more and arrange a time to talk, please drop me an email (see contact page).