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Women’s Leadership programme

Supporting high-achieving women (whether leaders in their communities, workplaces or homes) to reduce stress and anxiety, create more energy, increase courage and clarity, and have a greater impact by fully expressing who they are.

“For me, the biggest change was understanding myself on a deeper level…and learn to express myself. [I] feel empowered that I have the skills to move forward myself”SG, Senior Teacher

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“The Edge”

A totally uniquely designed fusion programme using performance skills and coaching to facilitate a deeper, powerful and expanded expression of who you are and the impact you have on the world around you. This is a ‘not for everyone’ programme.

If it’s not for everyone, who is it for?

You, if you’re willing to be challenged, stretched and drawn out to your edge. When you are you’ll have the opportunity to grow exponentially into your full, unique expression of you and expand your impact beyond what you think is possible. You will be willing to go radical, be challenged and play on your edge!

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