Life Coaching

Life is complicated, fun, messy, exciting, challenging, dull and thrilling – never static.  And sometimes you can have so much going on that you lose all sense of direction, or you’re so busy striving for the utopia of perfection that you end up losing your mojo, and getting stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel that you don’t know how to jump off. Without the clarity that comes from knowing what you truly want (not what someone else wants), or how to get what it is that you already know you want, you can end up feeling lost, stuck and uncertain.

I love working with people, like you, who want to make powerful changes in life. I provide a safe place for you to explore what you want, whether that’s more of something (more effectiveness, more fun, more balance, more simplicity) or less of something (less confusion, less stress, less mess), and who you want to be on your journey through life.  I’ll give you space to think, reflect, get curious, and ask you those big, juicy, challenging questions that help you to identify what’s meaningful and important to you, and expand your view of what might be possible for you now and in your future.

You’ll need to be willing to make a commitment of your time, your energy, and your finances.

If you’d like to find out more, let’s set up a time to talk (see contact page).