Are you tired of over-analysing, procrastinating or trying to be perfect in your life or your career change?  Are you juggling too many things and on the verge of burnout?  Are you fed up of feeling stuck in your life or career and desperate to make changes, if you only knew how?  Do you want more of something (more satisfaction, more fun, more balance) or less of something (less stress, less confusion, less mess) in your life or career?

I can help you discover new approaches, ways of thinking and behaving, and tools you’ll need to break the old patterns that are holding you back from your full potential, and help you get clear on what it is you really want.  I can also support you in getting into action to make those changes a reality in your life and career, and get you firmly back into the driver’s seat of your life.  If you are an instinctive over-analyser, a perfectionist or you’re trying to keep too many plates spinning at once, and you want to make powerful changes in your life or career let’s speak.

I love working with people, like you, who are looking to make powerful and effective changes in life and career.  Whether that’s through my specific Career Change Programme, or an individually designed coaching relationship focused on whole life transformation, I work in partnership with you, as equals, to get you clear on the changes you want to make and provide you with a safe, daring place to explore what you want – and crucially get you out of your head and into real world action.

You’re the expert on you – I’m here to challenge you, encourage you, be playful, and ask the big questions that get you thinking.  I will not shy away from telling you the hard truth when you need it, I’ll push hard to get you into action, and I will hold you accountable in service of what you want for your life and career.

It is an exceptional privilege for me to watch people come alive through coaching.  If you’re ready to make change happen in your life or career, please let’s have a conversation.


‘Receiving coaching with Louisa is a rewarding and productive experience. She is impressively quick at honing in on what matters and her enquiries to help you progress your tuning in to sensations and patterns of thought that might either hinder or help your travels, are both playful and sincere. Emerging from the laughter, tears and quiet contemplation within her sessions, Louisa ensures that you leave with some clear objectives to test and contemplate. Very worthwhile and a kind way to help yourself weather the twists and turns life throws your way.’ – Sofie Franzen, voluntary and community sector executive leader, UK

‘I’ve felt held and very close with Louisa since the very first moment. She is natural, fresh and playful, so that gives me permission to be also. She keeps it simple and clear and at the same time she’s offered me challenges that have made me move forward and take courageous actions.’ – A. Sauri, innovative leader and coach, Spain

‘Working with you was a pleasure! I felt very safe on our little shared space, all your questions were relevant and I wish I could have more time to ponder everything your questions bring into surface. You are very kind and very subtle on your way of guiding me through your process and it works like a charm! I will not think twice before recommending your work to whoever asks me. I feel more capable and energised than ever to put my goals into practice.’ – Carina Dangas, performer, LA