About Me

I have seen first hand that coaching is powerful and transformational.  Tiny changes in perspective have the power to create clarity and release you from places where you feel stuck. Great coaching is almost magical to witness and experience.  It’s in those beautiful “ah-ha” moments that transformation begins and what’s possible for you in your whole life grows and deepens.  And I love it!

I find it absolutely fascinating to experience the deep connection and transformation forged through working in a safe space together about things that really matter, and with someone who suspends judgment and let’s you explore what is important to you, without the preconceptions that often blind our conversations.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with, and learn from, some truly amazing coaches and strongly believe in continual learning, professional development and my own deep work to make my coaching with you as powerful as possible.

I was recognised as a high performer throughout my career in tax (working in a Big 4 accountancy firm and FTSE 100 businesses), where I enthusiastically threw myself into experiencing corporate life in all its glory with various roles focusing on international corporate taxes, before happily shifting my own career to become a professional coach.

I trained with the fantastic Co-Active Training Institute (formerly the Coaches Training Institute) in London, and I’m a licensed Careershifters & Firework Advanced Certified Coach (specialising in career change – both qualifications and bodies are recognised by the International Coach Federation).  I work privately with clients and as a leader and coach on Careershifters’ online Career Change Launch Pad, the world’s longest-running group-based career change course.

I’m also a Chartered Tax Advisor and Taxation Technician (as a member of both the Chartered Institute of Taxation and Association of Taxation Technicians) and hold a Law LLB (Hons) degree from the University of Sussex.

When I’m not deep in conversation or being curious about what makes people tick, I love the challenge of learning new things and reading fascinating, challenging and transformative books. I also get an immense buzz from the fun, energy and creativity of performing and putting on theatre shows – whether that is musicals and plays, onstage and behind the scenes doing the lighting, directing, choreography, anything really!

I’m almost always singing and/or listening to music, and my perfect night out includes great conversation (don’t bore me with small talk, please) and eating delicious fresh food. I’m also a strong believer in spiritual connection. I love walking in natural open spaces on my own or deeply connecting with others. Something special happens when I get outdoors in the fresh air!  I’m also determined to help make a difference in the fight against poverty and climate change through supporting campaigns and ‘doing my bit’ in my local environment.

I love spending time with my amazing daughter – every day she teaches me something new.

That’s me in a nutshell.  I love getting to know new people and I’m always open to talking, so if you’re interested let’s set up a time and speak.