I was recognised as a high performer throughout my career in tax (working in a Big 4 accountancy firm and FTSE 100 businesses), where I experienced the thrills and spills of corporate life. I was responsible for leading numerous international restructuring, reorganisation, refinancing, transfer pricing and merger projects internationally (including in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and across the EU) before leaving to focus on my calling.

My mission is to bring aliveness and awareness to the journeys of high-performing leaders, who are looking to live even more extraordinary lives, by inspiring them to realise their own incredible missions and potential. My intention is to help my clients to step into their own special flavour of aliveness in a way that is aligned with who they are and who they want to be, and create a commitment to living in courageous aliveness. Life is the most incredible adventure – my clients create their own and level-up their adventures of heart, mind and soul.

To support my own mission in the world, I trained with the Co-Active Training Institute  and I’m a licensed Careershifters & Firework Advanced Certified Coach – Career Change (both recognised by the International Coach Federation). I was also selected for the pioneer cohort of Rich Litvin’s exclusive coach training programme for extraordinary leaders and coaches, Transition Excellence. I’ve been lucky enough to work with, be coached by, and learn from, some of the most powerful and incredible high-performing coaches and leaders on the planet.

I’m also a Chartered Tax Advisor and Taxation Technician (as a member of both the Chartered Institute of Taxation and Association of Taxation Technicians) and hold a Law LLB (Hons) degree from the University of Sussex.

I work privately with clients and as a leader, facilitator and coach on Careershifters‘ online Career Change Launch Pad, the world’s longest-running group-based career change course. I also provide ongoing support to career changers through their follow-on programmes. I’m always looking for how things can be improved, then rolling up my sleeves and making it happen. I love working with others on inspiring and creative projects and initiatives.

Fun facts about me: I thrive if you give me new things to learn, books to read (as long as they’re fascinating, challenging or transformative), or musical shows to perform. I’ve written odd musicals, comedy skits and random musings. Spiritual connection is a must have. Don’t attempt small talk with me – I get bored by it very easily. I need to spend time in natural spaces regularly or I turn into a goblin.

I love getting to know new people, so if you’re curious about me, my work or collaborating together, let’s set up a time and speak.

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