You’re a high-achiever. You know what success feels like. You’re always seeking the next challenge whether it’s a role, a project or a hobby. You’re an outlier – you don’t do things like everyone else. You don’t do much sitting still because life is there to be lived! But the problem with being a high-achiever is you set your standards so insanely high that you can never meet them (and nor can anyone else). You keep trying because that’s how you’ve become successful. Reach for the stars – and one day you’ll get there.

But one day you notice that your energy is draining away. You’ve stopped thriving and playing a big, expansive game that is yours; you’re surviving and getting smaller by the day playing someone else’s game. You don’t know what to do to get out of it. Sure, you think about it. You’re brilliant at thinking – you’ve practically got a degree in thinking about it, but this time you go round and round in circles.

Or you’re so over-busy you lose sight of your impossible dream. You know the one I mean. It’s the one you never admit to anyone. Not even yourself. You feel lost and unsatisfied. Your frustration gnaws away at you all the time. That niggling feeling that says ‘I could achieve so much more, but…’ I get it, changing it can feel impossible – even more so as you climb the ladder of leadership and with your high expectations you feel like a failure for not succeeding in this too.

I’m here to tell you it is possible. You can achieve a more satisfying, fruitful, impactful and energised life. You can bring your creativity to life. Your life can be way more fun than seems possible right now. You can create the life you dream of where what you wish was possible might actually be possible.

You need a partner to support you in releasing you from the chains keeping you stuck to your old ways of doing things and transform your understanding of what’s possible in a safe, daring space where you will explore what you truly want and transform your thinking so you can create the extraordinary.

You need to be willing to invest your time, energy and money – there’s no silver platter, but you’re a high-achiever so you already know you don’t shy away from doing what’s necessary to make the incredible happen.

If you’re ready to step into possibility, let’s set up a time to talk.

What People Say

I don’t know how she does it, but there’s magic in Louisa’s coaching. Not only does she help me uncover what I really want and need from my life, but she is also a joy to spend time with. Things became possible that seemed impossible before.

Shona, UK lawyer

Receiving coaching with Louisa is a rewarding and productive experience. She is impressively quick at honing in on what matters and her enquiries to help you progress your tuning in… are both playful and sincere.

Sofie, Voluntary and community sector executive leader, UK

Working with you was a pleasure! I wish I could have more time to ponder everything your questions bring to the surface. I feel more capable and energised than ever to put my goals into practice.

LA Performer

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