Career Change Coaching

I believe that your career is a huge opportunity for an incredible series of adventures. As a high-achiever you know you have great potential to do amazing things in your career. It’s easy when you’re busy climbing the ladder to not notice that you’ve handed the steering wheel of your life, and your career, over to someone or something else and too late you realise you’re stuck in the backseat of your own car.

You might be too busy or too focused on striving for perfection or the next golden payout to appreciate how much you need to climb back into the driver’s seat and take back control of your career, and your life, before you miss out on all the adventures you could have in store. You know that impossible dream you don’t share? Yes, that.

I love using powerful coaching as a tool to support people like you who want to transform in their  careers, and release their creative energy and power to make the impact in the world they’ve dreamed of. Our partnership will transform your understanding of what’s possible and expand your courage and perceptions to take action and make change happen. You see, I know that all it takes are the tiniest shifts of perspective, combined with action, for magic to happen and transformation to occur.

Career Change Programme

I know from my own experience that undertaking a career change, for whatever reason can be incredibly challenging, frustrating and even scary especially if you’re a high-performer at the top, or on the way to the top, of your game. When it feels scary it can be easy to get stuck over-analysing and going round in circles Googling and searching out new careers in the same way you’ve always approached job-hunting. It is often a very counter-productive and limiting approach.  Not what you need when you want to open up new opportunities and ideas, especially if you want to step into your own power make an impact on the world.

I developed my own Career Change Programme based on the fantastic Careershifters and Firework methodologies.  I’ve built into my Career Change Programme my experience of leading, facilitating and coaching hundreds of career changers as a leader and coach on Careershifters‘ flagship Career Change Launch Pad.

In my Career Change Programme I’ll help you learn to recognise the blinkers and mindsets that are keeping you stuck and holding you back, get you quickly into action to expand and explore beyond your normal limits, and open up new possibilities for your future work and the adventures you know exist. No career change happens in isolation and any work you do on your career shift will also impact on your broader life and who you are as a unique, powerful high-performing individual.

What I Offer

I offer two approaches. A flexible Career Change Programme which runs over 10-12 coaching conversations usually with one coaching session a fortnight.  Each coaching session is normally one hour and can be by telephone, Zoom or face-to-face if you are based locally (subject to COVID-19 related restrictions).  Between our conversations I will give you exercises designed from my experience and exercises underpinned by Careershifters‘ methodology, designed to get you thinking, and real world missions/challenges for you to complete to move you forward in your shift. You’ll have access to me by email or WhatsApp during the programme. We’ll partner together on our coaching time to work through the barriers, challenges, successes and frustrations that show up as you tackle those exercises, missions and challenges.

I’m open to arranging weekly sessions depending on how quickly you are able to complete the exercises, missions and challenges, or flexing to give you more time.  I find most clients prefer once a fortnight once they get into the programme, especially if they are working at the same time. The Career Change Programme aims to identify your barriers to change (or identifying what got you to your current success that might need to change to reach your next success), getting you into action in the real world, meeting new people, expanding and exploring your ideas, obtaining clarity on what it is you want to do and the tools you need to you get there. 

I also offer bespoke Career Change Programmes designed specifically for you and your needs. Not everyone is ready for the full programme or needs it. Please use the contact form to get in touch if you’d like to discuss.

From time to time I open the doors to new programmes to serve career changers who are already underway in their shift but have stalled or need support in different ways towards the culmination of their journey. Check out the Articles section for more information or to sign up to be one of the first to receive my new offerings.

Four stage Career Change Programme

My flexible Career Change Programme includes four key stages:

Discovering – You’ll expand your horizons, generate new exciting ideas, explore your interests and create new possibilities. This is your time to start breaking out of analysis paralysis and get into action. You’ll also try on new ways of behaving and seeing the world to support you in taking action. You’ll start to identify what you need to change to reach your next level of success.

Focusing – You’ll take all you’ve uncovered, created and discovered in the first stage, and create 3-5 career themes (not job titles or industries – more expansive and more exciting) to give you increasing clarity and energy around your future shift.

Testing and Validating – You’ll get out into the real world and start experimenting with your ideas in a safe, low risk way.  This stage takes the risk out of your career change so you can move with greater confidence into whatever you decide is next for you.  You’ll build rich, inspiring new connections and gain experience to give you a strong starting base and begin building your ‘career change capital’.

Mapping and Shifting – At this stage you’ll know what it is you want to do and you’ll learn tools to help you work out a plan of how to get from where you are to where you want to be. You can also add aspects of these stages throughout your journey through the Career Change Programme or return to coaching after a period to experiment with your ideas.

If you’d like to find out more, let’s have a conversation.

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