Career Coaching

I believe that your work and career are an authentic part of who you are as a whole human being, and that your greatest successes come from being fully yourself in all parts of your lives.  You, being you.

Too often you hand the steering wheel of your life, and your career, over to someone or something else and forget you are the owner and driver while you’re stuck in the backseat of your own car.  You might be juggling too many things, too busy over-analysing every little detail or too focused on striving for perfection to appreciate who you are and what you’re capable of, and how much you need to climb back into the driver’s seat and take back control of your career, and your life.  With all that stuff going on it can feel really hard to see things from a different perspective and make the changes that you need.

I work with people, like you, who are looking to make powerful and effective changes to your career, and your life outside of your work – whatever that might look like. I work in partnership with you as equals to get clear on the changes you want to make and provide you with a safe, daring place to explore, and obtain clarity and direction.  You’re the expert on you and you don’t need me to give you all the answers. I’m here to challenge you, encourage you, push you when you need it, support you when you feel vulnerable and ask big, playful questions to get you thinking and experiencing the world in new ways.

Career Change Programme

I know from my own experience that undertaking a career change, whether as a result of redundancy, relocation, other changes in circumstances such as becoming a parent or through our own choice, can be incredibly challenging, frustrating and often scary.  When stuff feels scary it can be too easy to get stuck over-analysing and going round in circles googling jobs and searching out new careers in the same way you’ve always approached job-hunting.  It is often a very counter-productive and limiting approach.  Not what you need when you want to open up new opportunities and ideas!

I developed my own Career Change Programme based on the fantastic Careershifters and Firework methodologies.  I’ve built into my Career Change Programme my experience of leading, facilitating and coaching hundreds of career changers as a leader and coach on Careershifters’ Career Change Launch Pad.

In my Career Change Programme I’ll help you notice the blinkers and mindsets that are keeping you stuck and holding you back, get you quickly into action to expand and explore beyond your normal limits, and open you up to what might be possible for you in your future work. No career change happens in isolation and any work you do on your career shift will also impact on your broader life and who you are as a unique individual.

What I Offer

I offer a flexible Career Change Programme which runs over 8-12 coaching sessions usually with one coaching session a fortnight.  Each coaching session is one hour long and can be by telephone, Skype, or face-to-face if you are based locally.  Between sessions I will give you exercises designed to get you thinking and real world missions/challenges for you to complete to move you forward in your shift. We will use our coaching time together to work through what comes up for you as you tackle those exercises, missions and challenges.

I’m open to arranging weekly sessions depending on how quickly you are able to complete the exercises, missions and challenges.  These are all aimed at getting you into action in the real world, meeting new people, expanding your ideas, obtaining clarity on what it is you want to do and the tools you need to you get there.

Four stage Career Change Programme

My Career Change Programme includes four key stages:

Discovering – this stage is all about expanding your horizons, generating new exciting ideas, exploring your interests and creating new possibilities while getting you out of analysis paralysis and into action.  You’ll also try on new ways of behaving and seeing the world to support this focus on action.

Focusing – you’ll have the opportunity to take all you’ve uncovered, created and discovered in the first stage, and create 3-5 themes to give you increasing clarity.

Testing and Validating – you’ll get out into the real world and start trying out ideas and experiment with them in a safe, low risk way.  This stage takes the risk out of your career change.  You’ll build rich new connections and gain experience to give you a strong starting base.

Mapping and Shifting – at this stage you’ll know what it is you want to do and you’ll learn tools to help you work out a plan of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

If you’d like to find out more and arrange a time to talk, please send me a message.