Career Coaching

I believe that your work and career are an authentic part of who you are as a whole human being, and that your greatest successes come from being fully yourself in all parts of your lives.  You, being you.

When you’ve got too much to do, or you overanalyse everything or you’re too busy striving for perfection to appreciate who you are and what you’re capable of, it can be hard to step back and make the changes that you need.

I work with people, like you, who are looking to make powerful changes in your working life. I work in partnership with you as equals to identify the changes you want to make and provide a safe place to explore, and obtain clarity and direction.  You’re the expert on you – I’m here to challenge you, encourage you, be playful, and ask the big questions that get you thinking.  In all of this you’ll be building your self-awareness and courage.

Career Change

I know that going through career change, whether as a result of redundancy, relocation, changes in circumstances or our own choice, can be really scary and challenging.  I use the fantastic Careershifters & Firework methodologies, and my experience of coaching and facilitating career changers as a Co-leader on Careershifters’ flagship Launch Pad career change programme, to help you shake off the blinkers and mindsets that are keeping you stuck, to get you used to the idea of expanding and exploring your horizons, and to open yourself up to what might be possible for you. No career change happens in isolation and any work you do on your career shift will also focus on your broader life and who you are as a unique individual.

If you’d like to find out more and arrange a time to talk, please drop me an email (see contact page).