Feeling stressed out?

This year COVID-19 has marched right through the heart of your social life, your job and your relationships. You are not alone if you’re feeling every little thing is another change too far. When ALL the goalposts are moving it’s hard to know where to focus, let alone where to kick the ball.

I didn’t expect to still be forced apart from my family and friends. I didn’t expect to feel so exhausted from the competing demands of caring for my family and my home, and making changes to my coaching business. I guess I keep forgetting that I don’t have to do it all today. Is that you too? Knowing there’s so much ‘out there’ you want to explore and not feeling you have enough time or even energy to choose what’s the best thing?

I’m going to take a shot in the dark. What if the best thing to choose right now is nothing. Nothing? Come on, Louisa. There’s so much to explore even in this new world! Courses to try, jobs to research, conversations to be had, things to buy, TED talks to watch. Yes. And they will be there tomorrow. And you will be in a far stronger and braver place if you give yourself the gift of waiting. Do nothing. For the next 48 hours don’t make any important decisions. Don’t make any decisions that require you to spend money (unless it’s for essential living). Don’t look for the next thing. Don’t click through on that interesting course. Give yourself the gift of space. See what emerges.

You see sometimes the magic happens best in the space where nothing happens.

The gift of nothing. Have fun with it.

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