If you want to make change happen, get vulnerable!

I’ve just spent an incredible hour dancing!

I’ve performed on stage since I was little. I’m always VERY nervous every time I perform alone on stage. Like, ‘how many times can I go to the bathroom before the show’ nervous 🤣. I know what it’s like to feel scared and vulnerable AND show up anyway.

I joined a virtual embodiment class today (dance with a difference). I hadn’t thought ahead but when I had to choose with or without camera I chose ‘without’.

Interesting, eh?

I thought this a good choice. I didn’t know if I’d like it and actually I really wanted to have it on in the background while I did other stuff. I was definitely in for a passive experience!

Until the leader asked us repeatedly to turn cameras on.

Argh! I felt SO uncomfortable! I refused five times before I turned it on – moving so I couldn’t be seen.

As the dancing began I felt more and more comfortable and slowly edged my way onto the screen. The vulnerable openness of all those going for it in their dancing made it feel OK. Safe space.

No rules, no steps to get ‘right’ just dancing for the experience – being in my body.

It was SOOOO much fun! 🥳

Here’s an invitation: do something different TODAY to let yourself be more than you’ve been before.

Take up space today in a NEW way.

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