Going solo? Think again.

I’m not a ‘solopreneur’.

Yes, I’m ultimately responsible for choices I make about what I do, how I do it and when I do it. Like tonight, when I chose to work a little after pausing for play, dinner, bedtime and a good crime drama. I decide where I put my energy. I do not work in isolation.

There is nothing ‘solo’ about me or my work.

I know I’m at my best when I’m surrounded by other people who support me, challenge me, inspire me, guide me, assist me and who I can do the same for in return. Like my own personal board of directors. Not every second of every day but there if I need them. My crack squad!

I get such deep joy from sharing with other people in that way and it’s incredible powerful when it flows both ways. That joy creates its own wonderful energy and momentum. I’m more likely to take action when I’ve got people who get ‘it’ and get me to act as a sounding board, to call me out if I’m not standing in my own courage.

All of that leads to action – to success.

I’ve felt really inspired this year from stepping into new collaborations, creating my own squad and playing in spaces like mastermind groups where I’ve been able to show up fully as me in all my vulnerable glory – to not only give but to receive.

Solo, I am not.

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