What pain has taught me about getting rid of things I tolerate

The tap shoes were out in full force tonight for the first time in years. It was challenging, fun and frustrating all at once trying to learn steps, fit them together and hear the music (tap shoes en masse are very loud 😂).

My feet are so SORE now!!

I’d forgotten when I packed them away from the last show that I’d intended to buy new ones because they are a whole shoe size too small for me. I even have a pair only half a size bigger in my collection of ‘stage shoes’ (yes, I have a collection 😂). But those only have taps on the toes – not good when you want a full on ‘stamp’. I could have had the heel taps moved from one pair to the other. I could have bought new ones. I did nothing.

There’s a phrase I really appreciate ‘how you do one thing is how you do everything’. It’s not absolute truth and it is a worthy challenge that I like to reflect on if I notice something that’s caused me to get stuck or stopped me from really walking in my best emotional power.

How I do one thing is how I do everything.

Where else have I noticed discomfort, pain, or things I’m tolerating needlessly? I didn’t need to put up with the pain of wearing shoes too small for me. I could have invested in a new pair and done something about it.

I didn’t.

The result is I have sore feet AGAIN. 😤

The result is tomorrow I will have sore feet on another level of pain or have to do a tap rehearsal without tap shoes.

I’m so over tolerating things that are utter rubbish for absolutely no reason other than I didn’t do anything. I always had a choice. Sort it or leave it. For whatever strange reason I decided to put up with it and not take the small action needed to sort it out.

No more!!!!

I’ve set an intention to try out the shoes without heel taps tomorrow. If they fit I’ll get the other taps moved. If not, I’m ordering a new pair.

My feet will be MUCH happier. And so will I!

And I also know that this one small action will create momentum in enabling me to remove other things I’ve been tolerating from my life, from my work and career, from my surroundings. If I don’t I know it will continue to have an impact on how I show up in my life and career.

No more Little Miss Put-Up-With-It 😂 . Time to take a stand for ME.

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