How your expectations might be holding you back (and what to do about it)

One of my mentors called me out on my language on the last week. She’d asked us to share questions about a concept she was teaching so she could answer them in a chat.

So I shared that I was curious how to keep going and mentioned I was ‘expecting to fall off the wagon’.


Deep down somewhere my mind had already set a level for me. It apparently reckoned i would not be in success with this.


Thanks then brain!! 😂

Expecting itself wasn’t a problem. It’s the kind of expectation I was attaching to it. Falling. Not being in the energy of its See, if I was expecting to be in this no matter what, it gives a very different energy.

I’ve felt my energy wavering over the last couple of days. Ok being awake for 3.5hrs in the night hasn’t exactly helped 😂

But still.

My expectation has been coming true. I don’t want it to but what we focus on, however unconsciously, grows.

Time to reset.

I expect great and exciting things to happen to me. For the rest of this day and then I’ll reset tomorrow. And again until I’ve trained my brain.

Expecting success.

Defying the norm.

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