Why your choice of words will make or break your success

I CAN do it!


I CAN’T do it!

My daughter is learning so much at the moment like doing up cardigan buttons and so often gets frustrated because she feels like she can’t do it.

‘If you tell yourself you can’t do it, then you’re less likely to do it. How about saying ‘I can do it’ and see what happens?’

It kind of fell out my mouth one day. Probably to dodge another meltdown! 😂

She started repeating it like a mantra as she struggled with the buttons again.

I wish I hadn’t been surprised. I’m delighted I was surprised!

She proudly stood up, beaming all over her gorgeous little face, and said ‘See? I CAN do it!’

YES!!!!! 🙌


Jump ahead.

I get in the shower this morning. It’s insanely cold. Freezing!!! Like, arghhh get me out!

So I go, “It’s so cold, I don’t know if I can shower”

“Mummy, you just need to say to yourself ‘I CAN do it, I CAN do it’ and then you will.”

Oh. Yes.

So I had a VERY cold shower 😂

How did a small person get so wise so quickly!?? What is that?! 😂


Innocent wisdom.

Words have power.

Choose your words carefully. Not only for words you share with others.

Choose the words that come to your own head about YOU carefully.

It doesn’t actually mean you can do all things. Because it’s not ‘truth’. But you have a much greater possibility of success if you craft your words to support what you want than tearing you down.

Words have POWER!!

(For the record, freezing cold showers do make me feel exceptionally alive! 😉)

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