Consistency: your new best friend in sustainable change

Consistency is one of the most important and critical elements of success. You can have the very best of intentions and desires in your life, career, health, relationships and lack of consistency can be enough to derail your progress.

Consistently showing up to train for a marathon will reap far greater rewards than going out with gung-ho attitude and trying to run as far as possible 3 or 4 times before putting off training until a couple of weeks before the race. It takes much LESS energy to show up consistently in smaller increments than the energy you use in big impressive bursts of effort that are not sustainable.

Inconsistency has a cost. You lose energy and you lose momentum. Momentum is a vital tool in creating ANY change and without it you’re dead in the water. It doesn’t only affect the one off time you decide not to take action, it impacts on it all. The one time you decide not to work out, or to have the conversation that scares you, or to raise your hand in that meeting, you stall your momentum and a lot more effort is needed to get started again. If you layer in the way your brain might well start challenging you with unhelpful thoughts (oh, I can leave it one more day, it’s not going to hurt not to share – I don’t have anything to say anyway) your momentum grinds to a disappointing halt.

Keep showing up consistently and you’ll have more energy for what you’re aiming for AND for having fun or taking on other challenges because you won’t be wasting energy stalling and restarting your engines.

What are you going to commit to on a consistent basis?

(Image by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash)

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