Self-care IS radical leadership

What did self-care look like this month?

It looked like dealing with the post-Christmas and Covid piles of empty bags and boxes, clearing out the old to make way for the beautiful new gifts we’d received, packing things away and recycling others in various ways, and taking time out to rest before the school run. It looked like sitting down to play and read and rest. It looked like keeping the laptop off for the whole day.

A few months ago I would have struggled with a big burden of guilt feeling like I ‘should’ have been working while small was at school. I should have been doing, doing, doing on the business, on learning, on catching up on course work.

The truth is that those feelings cropped up, of course – Wonder Woman I am not, and I led myself THROUGH them. I received them, felt the guilt and let those feelings exist, no fighting. Fighting takes way too much energy, and the last thing I need is a power drain – that’s what I’m plugging by clearing the mess! 😂 Then I recommitted to my choice to tackle the mess I was tolerating because I know for sure not doing so will hold me back as I evolve and grow into my next level of who I AM and BE. It will sap my energy and fester into an attitude of coasting to get by and lack of focus. I know this because I have been there before.

I chose a different experience.

I chose self-care.

Self-care isn’t all massages, baths, candles and a mani. Sure, it can be, and It also looks like replenishing energy by clearing away energy drains, getting rid of what I’m tolerating in my life, and going into the big wide world and having fun playing!!

Is 2022 the year you choose to lead yourself through with self-care…?


If you want to make this year the year you finally take a radical step forward in your self-leadership and ability to make choices that serve YOU and who you know you can BECOME, let’s talk.

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