What to do when your actions don’t match your choices

You know what’s always going to stop your transformation into the person you want to be with the fulfilling work and life you want?

Telling yourself the story that it’s all or nothing.

Loosen up a little. Life isn’t all or nothing.

You can be all in AND you can have days when you don’t do what you wanted. Days when you forget to be the person you are becoming. Days when you don’t go for that run, make that call, write that paragraph, wear the red jumper, experiment with that idea, do your course work, try something new. You can have days like that because you WILL have days like that because you are in transition between the way you used to think and behave and be, and the way the you you’re becoming thinks and behaves and is.

Transition can feel messy. You might make mistakes, you might not be or do what you know you wanted to do for all kinds of reasons. When that happens you have a choice: give up (staying stuck in ‘all or nothing’ thinking) or recommit and take one small step further through your time of transition.

Recommitting to your choice to be all in is much more powerful than ‘all or nothing’ because it’s a sustainable way of moving forward through those rocky, uncertain times of becoming.

Each day, recommit to choosing what is in service of future you. Because future you is the result of your choices TODAY.


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