Choice, it’s simples.

One of my clients had a transformative moment in our conversation today.

What have you learned?

‘The choice is mine.’

Yes, yes, YES!!! 🙌🔥

The joy in her face was palpable. Her eyes were shining with a totally beautiful energy. The energy of self-belief, her own amazing power and all the possibilities that owning who she really is brings alive.

It wasn’t the fact that she HAS a choice. She always had that available to her. Today she felt it, she experienced it, she knew it deep inside. And now she WANTS more of that.

It’s an absolute honour to watch her rise in her power 🔥😄.

You might not be ready for transformation. Last year she wasn’t either. That’s ok. When you’re ready, we should talk.

If you are not ready, and you have a hunch someone you know is, I’d love it if you’d share this, or another post of mine you think might support them in some way, and let them know I am always happy to connect and talk.

The choice is yours.

It always has been. It always will be.

Simples. 😉

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