How Are Your Stories Draining Your Energy?

Brains are funny things.

I spent a chunk of today feeling totally exhausted and not at all looking forward to co-facilitating a group coaching call this evening. I mean really, REALLY not wanting to do it. I wanted to go to bed.

Except it turns out I didn’t 😂.

Because when I got to the call I burst into life. Friggin loved it!  All those faces, all those people to support and shine a light on their brilliance and how they already have what they need if only they lean into it. I remember why I do this work – because I LOVE it and I thrive on it. It’s sooo energising (even when I’m tired). 

I made up a story about the call that wasn’t at all how it was going to be or turned out to be. I wasted so much energy on feeling meh about it, and it was FUN!!!  😂 I know this and I see this – and I don’t always catch myself letting my energy drain away down the plug hole. Today I missed it and off went my energy…     And tomorrow is another day to slow down and notice when I’m creating a story that doesn’t serve me instead of watching my energy wander off! 

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