What It Takes To Be The Queen of Your Life

This time yesterday I was exhausted, fraught and watching my energy drain away. Because I was tired and in need of some FUN as much as I needed some sleep.

I had both. Not as much as I would like in an ideal world – and a boost of it. I shut off the energy drains. Well, taking those actions of interacting with other people in a way that was fun and meaningful, and getting more sleep, shut off those energy drains.

So much more feels possible today because I took the decisions that felt least comfortable yesterday. I didn’t ‘push’ through because that wouldn’t help either. I gently accepted what either had to be or what I needed and then brought me and all my messiness of tiredness and uncertainty and playful (low) energy to the table. 

I brought all of me, in that moment and the next and the next. 

I didn’t try to be someone I wasn’t in that moment. I didn’t give up and hide in a hole. I was, as I was, with all the messy feelings I had and I showed up anyway. 

I showed up anyway.

And then I took care of what I thought I needed most (it turned out to be what I also needed, rather than most) and packed myself off to bed with a gentle wind-down routine. 

I didn’t push.

I didn’t give up.

I showed up.

I was me in that moment.

I took care of my needs. 

I woke up brighter, more energised and clearer on what I need and want to focus my energy on.

That’s self-leadership. That’s being the Queen of my own life.

And it’s goooooood 😉.

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