What’s your timescale for success?

Recently I experienced two moments that made me stop and congratulate clients and my own growth in who I am now as a leader.

One of my clients told me 20 minutes into our planned call of one hour that in that time they’d already uncovered the insights they really needed that day. We wrapped up ten minutes later after digging deeper into those insights and the actions that would support their even greater learning.

One client told me half way through our planned six week engagement that she already had everything she had hoped for – clarity on her career direction. It didn’t take as long as either of us expected and now we’re using the time to create what she wants to support her leadership in the next step.

Transformation never happens on the timescales we expect or desire. Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it’s slow. It’s a dance of beautiful uncertainty. It’s brilliant to never know what will come and what new ideas or inspiration will suddenly pop up from a challenging question in a new direction.It’s always surprising, fascinating and exciting! And I love being a witness and leader in the process of change!! 😀

Change IS possible. When you are ready to make it happen.



If you are ready to make real change to your career and life, we should talk.

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