What I haven’t said before, what I’m saying now and what made that possible

Three years ago I left my last role in tax. In the time between then and this time last year, I  worked really hard to develop my skills in coaching, facilitating and leading online career change programmes.

In February 2020 COVID-19 landed in my home city of Brighton and Hove with a bang. I was meant to be performing in a musical theatre show with the fantastic community theatre group I’m a part of, and it looked increasingly unlikely we would be able to go ahead. Fortunately the local cases dropped off as fast as they arrived and we put on our production of ‘Kipps: Half a Sixpence’ to superb reviews.  

I was also meant to be co-leading another career change programme and by this time the cases were spiralling. Call it intuition or good-reading of the data, but I was already convinced the ‘lockdowns’ we’d heard of from around the world would only be weeks away at home. I had to make the hard decision to pull out of the course. I remember getting off the call, hanging my head in disappointment and bursting into tears at the sadness, frustration and fear I was feeling. 

It was a great decision for me, and for my family. I created time I will never forget for all the right reasons. Wonderful moments of connection, fun and creativity that I would never have chosen to make time for had circumstances not changed. I also fell into a black hole of COVID-19 disappointment, and turned to my own coach to tune back into creating my own life instead of letting lockdown life define me. 

I’ve spent the last six months undertaking further training and development as a coach, levelling-up my confidence and ability to show up in my business, in my life and in the world in a way that aligns with who I really am. I’ve created coaching relationships and support networks with incredible people. I’ve grown exponentially in this time on my own journey of personal growth too. And I am loving working with my clients and witnessing their own powerful transformations. I find it so energising and such an incredible privilege to see them rise in their power too.

I realised, as I did this work, I’d never announced that I’d officially left my career in tax. I very quietly changed my job titles and my personal statements because I was scared what people might think and how they might react. My journey of personal growth has brought a new confidence to own who I am and the contribution I make in the world. 

When my husband said to my daughter the other day “Mummy runs her own business”, I thought ‘oh, wow!’ I know it’s what I do and yet I’d never thought of it like that. Yes, I do – that’s what I do now! 

I believe life is an INCREDIBLE adventure and the possibilities are infinite, vast and exciting! I run my own business focussed on breaking through what holds people back from creating those incredible adventures and really stepping into the power of their dreams and visions for their future. I am incredibly excited about it! 

I’m going to be showing up a LOT more on social media sharing my own journey and inspiration for your own adventures along the way.

I have two spots available for 1:1 VIP Coaching. If you are interested, send me a message. I’m also really excited about my plans for Masterclass – watch this space!

Thank you to everyone who has, and is, supporting my journey and my adventures. If you’re excited about what I’m doing, send me a message and let’s talk.

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