7-day Experiments Challenge

I choose to run little experiments regularly. Why? Because I know if I don’t it’s only a matter of time until I’m stuck in my comfort zone and that usually means playing smaller and safer over and over again. I’m NOT anti-comfort!  It took what felt like forever to choose our sofa because comfort was SO important. I only choose duvets that’s are super soft and comfy. Comfort is great in its place. As a leader I know if I’m not expanding beyond my comfort zone, I am stagnating and it becomes harder and harder to go beyond it to where the possibilities are MUCH more exciting. But they feel so far away – and almost impossibly far if I don’t stretch and expand what IS possible regularly.

Experiments are great! You don’t have to do it forever. You can set it up, do it, learn from it and then do something else or step up from the last one. Either way you’ve learned something new, you’ve gained new insights and the next step is a little less far away.

Want to step into expanding your tolerance for flexibility and adaptability as a leader? 

Join me on my free 7-day Experiments Challenge! 

We begin on Thursday 7th July.

You commit to taking action. I’ll commit to leading and facilitating you through your experiments.

Want to stretch and grow? Then come and PLAY!!! 

If you’re IN, say ‘YES EXPERIMENTS!’ here and I’ll send you the details.

If you’re not ready for this but you’d like to get some inspiration and advance notice of future events, or want help with a pressing career challenge for yourself, get in touch here and I’ll add you to the list for my future newsletter, or we can arrange a time to talk.


PS I experimented this week by doing an exploration of my business with sheets of paper all over the floor. It’s a powerful experiment – it’s more fun and I’ve noticed it’s changing the way I think about it. Curious!

I planned to do this earlier during the day but I had a small person home feeling poorly. Sometimes business life as a parent is not sexy – and it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!  (I also deliberately chose to read a fun book first because I wanted and needed the wind down before I began, and I love having that level of flexibility).

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