What’s your nugget of gold?

I don’t often share quotes because so many people do, and I’m not really one for following the herd. 😉 I do love a good quote though and sometimes they can make the difference between getting stuck in negative thoughts and taking action, even if that’s choosing a different way of thinking. (Yes, that’s a thing – I partner with my clients to help them do that, and it’s hugely impactful).

This is a quote I came across right back when I was first pondering the idea of changing careers. I had no fully formed ideas at the time. I read this quote and my thoughts went something like:

‘Woah! You mean I get to come alive and be ME? Really me? I can stop fitting in with what’s expected and be me being that big, playful version of me who feels fully alive???!!’

It’s not too strong to say it had a HUGE impact on me. Its impact has never left me.

I printed it out and stuck it onto a picture from a magazine (it might have been a Lonely Planet or National Geographic one, I can’t remember) and stuck both in a scrapbook I’d created of images and phrases that inspired me, intrigued me or made me smile. And then I started to take actions, run little experiments and explore more than I had before. I am SO pleased I did. 🤩

Of course the quote didn’t do all that. I did. What it DID do was provide me with a nugget of gold at EXACTLY the right time. A shot of inspiration that launched me off in a new direction.

I’d love to know what’s your favourite quote? It can be inspiring or funny or just something that you like for whatever reason. Do share it – you never know who might need it!! (And it’s ok to share your quote and not respond to the question below 👇 !!)


What is it you do? I get asked it a lot because it’s hard to describe. If you’re curious what it is I do and how I support people to find fulfilling work, create fulfilling lives and, yes, ‘come alive’, drop me a line and we’ll arrange a time for you to have an experience of coaching with me. At no charge.

I’m opening a handful of slots in September for explorers like you.

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